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Jason Normore is a poet, songwriter and creator that is anchored on the east coast of Canada, St. John's, Newfoundland. 

His debut album Suburban Sublime is set to be released in summer 2022. Jason began writing this project while living in Toronto, ON and moved back to Newfoundland to partner with an ever growing group of creative friends that he calls

"The Wildflowers".


Suburban Sublime is nothing if not hopeful and in pursuit of life; it's a revolutionist cry. Thematically it explores embracing being queer, religious trauma, addiction, mental health, the role of hope of in everyday life, falling in love, the ever changing shape of culture, light and the lack there of, and the political facades of the modern age. 

Jason is consumed by metaphor and its ability to articulate the seen and the unseen. He is frequently performing and releasing spoken word poetry under the title

Words For People. 

Jason began writing Suburban Sublime

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